Wine Club

Sommelier's Choices creates wine boxes containing a selection of Premium Wines for you to enjoy at home.   


We have developed this very special wine in honour of my son, Edward, who is now 3 years old.  The grape is Merlot and harvested in 2022 which was a really excellent year for the grape harvest.  Natural fermentation methods were used primarily in stainless steel vats followed by 14 months in French oak barrels.  This wine can be drunk straight away or the wine will improve with age in the bottle.   This wine is very special on so many levels.  It is a dark rich bodied wine with silky dry tannins and a nice bold persistent finish.   If you wish to order 6 or 12 bottles then please complete the message box below.  Please scroll down to see photos of the wine making process with Edward.

PRICE:  6 BOTTLES = US$46 per bottle
Shipping to USA:  US$65
Shipping within Europe:  US$30

PRICE:  12 BOTTLES = US$40 per bottle
Shipping to USA:  US$110
Shipping within Europe:  US$45

Please give your email address below. In the message box please give your name, address and how many bottles you would like to receive.